Welcome to our Mark 2 squirrel feeder / bait station. The feeder has been designed from the ground up to solve most of the problems associated with squirrel feeders. This mark 2 design is an evolution on our original design based on feedback from our customers and users. The main focus for the design was to be light weight as well as grey squirrel damage proof. The box features a number of new design features for this new mark 2 feeder:-


  • New outside catch to allow easy opening = no drill required
  • Screw eyes to allow easy installation with wire / rope
  • Internal wire grill to prevent squirrels & the public from emptying feed
  • Sloped roof to discourage the squirrels from sitting on the top
  • Filled internal seams to ensure no feed dust build up


Standard features of our feeder include:-

  • Wire armour all round
  • Light - carry more feeders into the woods
  • Treated plywood construction - long lasting
  • Air rifle pellet back stop plate - 3mm Aluminium suitable for Sub 12ft/lbs non-FAC air rifles
  • Narrow plinth - presents squirrel side on for a clear humane shot
  • High metal feed trough - no chewing or spillage
  • Rear standoffs - prevents damp ingress from tree / support
  • Integral custom squirrel spinner - check your zero without breaking cover
  • 6.6kgcapacity (dry maize)
  • Comes with full instructions


Dimensions 62cm tall x 22cm wide x 22cm deep


This feeder has been designed to be light weight with features that make grey squirrel management easier and far more effective. We are very happy to receive feedback and have an on-going development program to improve the design of these feeders. If you you need more than 2 feeder boxs then please mail us so we can arrange suitable shipping and if you require more than 10 boxes then again contact us for a custom quote with some volume discount.


Our aim is to provide all wildlife and land managers with the best products to maximise time and efficacy whilst providing a good duty of care to the wildlife. If you have an idea for a product or you have any feedback on our products then please get in contact with us so we can make things happen!

Mk 2 Squirrel Feeder / Bait Station (6.5kg Sub 12 version)