This trap box has been developed in Cornwall by land managers for reducing grey squirrel numbers in a safe and humane manner. This trap box has a number of notable features:- 


  • Nest Box Design - This design allows you place a trap box in areas of woodland where there is a chance that members of the public may see them or in areas where it is simply unsafe or not possible to shoot. From the outside it looks like a regular bird nest box.  The sloped roof and ‘fake’ access hole add extra believability to the look of the box.
  • Spring Trap - Concealed inside is a Magnum body grip spring trap.  This is an approved trap for the dispatch of squirrels and has always been proven to be both effective and humane.  Once set, the box MUST be checked everyday as part of your ongoing duty of care to the animals.
  • Double Hole Access - This trap box features a double access hole design.  One offset in the roof and one in the centre of the second internal floor.  This helps to prevent / reduce any accidental bi-catch. 
  • Inset Floor - Allows rain to drip off without damp ingress to the floor.
  • Treated Plywood - Tanalised structural plywood.
  • Stainless steel hinges & screws throughout. 


You will recieve:-


1x Pre-built structural plywood box

1x Magnum body grip trap

& Full instructions


This trap has been designed to be light weight with