Practical solutions for the management of the grey squirrel 

Consultancy and Training 



Squirrel management UK provide practical advise and training on the control and management of the Grey Squirrel. 

Our training courses that cover everything from health and safety to data recording and record keeping 


We provide training and advice to a wide range of clients ranging from private landowners, gardens and tree nurseries to major estates and organisations and public bodies. Providing them with practical advice and solutions to allow them to deal with the grey squirrel   


We are developing a range of products that we are selling in our shop.

From feeder boxes to lure in your target squirrels to squirrel spinners to check your aim .


New products are constantly being developed.


For 25 years Ian worked for the local authority working his way up from a labourer to the works supervisor working in the landscape and tree surgery department. In that 25 years Ian spent 5 years as the ranger in a 150 acre country park where he first had dealings with the need to manage the grey squirrel population in the park. When Ian left that position he started working for the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project as a squirrel ranger and has been there ever since.

Whilst being involved with these organisations Ian noticed that there was very little in the way of formal training available. With the need to satisfy health and safety, internal and external audit requirements of many organisations to prove competence. Ian set about combining his experience gained over 25 years of dealing with contractors, health and safety requirements and techniques for practical grey squirrel management to come up with a one stop shop. 

Providing practical advise on the management of the grey squirrel alongside training courses that will enable pest controllers, employers, managers, organisations to effect effect, humane, efficient grey squirrel management whilst meeting any internal or external requirements 


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